About us

About Bilal

Bilal Islamic Institute was established with the purpose of teaching Islamic theology and producing Muslim leaders and clerics.

However, secular education was primarily introduced to equip sheikhs and imams with the basic knowledge and skills needed, especially math and the English language.

In 1986, secular was also introduced at the I’daad level to equip learners with skills to solve problems per the demands of the community.

At first, it was purely arts and humanities subjects taught, such as English language, history, geography, commerce, accounts, Arabic language, Islamic religious education, political education, and others.

Due to public demand, sciences were later introduced. Science subjects taught include biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, agriculture, and others.

We are offering different subjects in the theology sector, such as the Quran, Nahw (Arabic grammar), Tafseer, Tawheed, Fiqh (jurisprudence), Adab, Faraa'idh, and so on.


Our Vision


To be a leading Institution in the region, in generating Islamic knowledge, training of young minds and transmission of young culture.

Our Mission


To propagate Islam and promote Islamic culture through training, documentation, research and  information.

Our Motto



…Innamaa Yakh-sha LLaha min Ibaadihi al-Ulamaa-u…

…verily those who fear Allah among his servants are the knowledgeable…

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