Welcome to Bilal Islamic Institute - Kakiri

The best Islamic Institution in the South of Sahara and the North of the Limpopo regions; functioning on the dual-curriculum system i.e. delivering both Islamic theology and secular studies to high school learners around the Globe.
"… Verily, those who fear Allah among His servants are the Knowledgeable…"
Our Motto:
Qur'an: Faatir, verse 28.

School Culture

These are the values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape the school community.

Mission and Vission

Mission and vision provide direction and purpose, while core values guide behavior and decision-making.

School Anthem

A school anthem is a song that represents a school community's values and identity and is used to foster pride and unity among students and staff.

Dual curriculum

A dual curriculum that combines both secular and theological subjects to provide a comprehensive education

Co-curicular Activities

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Recent Works

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Our Leadership

Below is our dedicated team that ensures the proper and smooth progress of the institute in order to achieve all the academic goals.